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(Study Abroad programs, Admissions into foreign universities and schools, educational management, promotion and Guidance and Counseling)

Excellence and Education Network (Exced.net) is engaged in educational promotion, support, training, consultancy, management and research. Our goal is to help make learning exciting, fun and enriching.

Our activities cover schools at the primary, secondary, technical and university levels. We have working relationship with educationists, schools, investors and many consultants in the field of education.

The Exced.net offering also provides a platform for investors in the field of education, regulators, publishers, teachers and parents to interact in a most positive way, knowing that the education of the child and adult is a complex and societal responsibility that brings about in individuals who submit to it, qualities, characters and skills necessary for the advancement of the individual, family, community and society at large.

Exced.net is a member of Enterprise and Franchise International and winningpoems.com both of which are engaged in helping youths and students achieve academic and practical excellence in our dynamic world.

Services available on the Exced.net Portal include:

  • Study Abroad programs
  • Admissions and Placements into foreign and overseas Universities and Schools
  • Educational resources
  • Educational news and information
  • Quizzes and mock exams
  • Expose and exploration on specific subject
  • Learning skills especially on Mathematics, English and the Sciences
  • Parents, Teachers and Investors Corners
  • Educational blog
  • Articles
  • Games
  • And lots more

Exced.net provides a platform for:

Schools to have a web site and web presence thereby promoting the school, profile and reach.
Supporting schools and students in necessary and expedient ways
Students to catch on and utilize current technology in line with the prevailing technology revolution and the Computer for All project

Our platform also:

  1. Through the exced.net project schools are assisted to have free brand new desk top computers and laptops.
  2. Enables school's to have internet connection
  3. Assists schools to have extra funds for running operations.
  4. Enable schools to have copies of educational and skill enhancing games like the HIBASS game.
  5. Enables schools to receive free books and other educational resources free of charge
  6. Enables students to participate and win in the various educational games and competitions
  7. Enables students to win scholarships, awards, textbooks, PCs and laptops, excursions, etc on an annual basis.
  8. Enables students to interact with other bright students in other schools.
  9. Plus lots more.

Aside of the above benefits, we also offer consultancy, support and school management services were necessary and needed.

The Excellence and Education Network regularly organizes seminars on relevant areas affecting education. Some of these are for operators, while others are for students, parents and investors. Our seminars for the students are generally free and are well received.

Exced.net is managed by resourceful individuals who have practical and ongoing experience in educational and student management. Our work is based on current and approved educational curricula.

Feel free and do not hesitate to contact us for any of our services:

  • Study Abroad programs
  • Admissions and Placements into foreign and overseas Universities and Schools
  • Educational Consultancy
  • Educational Support
  • Educational promotion, registration and design
  • Counseling, Career path and Selection and School placement
  • Educational and School Management
  • Training, Seminars and Conferences
  • Publishing and Research.
  • Educational Resources including advert and web presence
  • Educational games, competitions and quizzes

EXCED.NET...passion for excellence in education


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